As a food lifestyle innovation company, we aim to be a “bridge” that creates innovation between food and people, offering a new food lifestyle that enhances everyone’s food lifestyle through technology, wisdom, and speed.

Our mission at MISUJI is to contribute to the realization of a rich life culture through new values that make people’s lives more enjoyable.


As a company that pursues customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, transforming dedication into inspiration, we strive to make the food and beverage industry the world’s most popular profession and to become pioneers of the future of food through sustainable growth.

To become an innovative “food” platform. Our meticulously managed restaurants, while preserving traditional food techniques, constantly seek freshness and convey the prestige of dining to the modern age, creating a whirlwind in the industry, connecting the world of food culture, and shaping the future of food.

At MISUJI, we pursue uniqueness and value, continually innovating under a management environment that constantly creates something new, producing and consistently providing clear value.